Building a North American Battery Materials Champion

Mitra Chem is innovating and commercializing iron-based cathode materials to enable mass-market electrification for electric vehicles, energy storage solutions and beyond


Drive Innovation in Battery Product Materials to Accelerate Electrification


First to Integrate Machine Learning to Battery Product R&D and Manufacturing to Significantly Reduce Time and Cost to Market


Lab-to-production timeline reduced by >90 percent for iron-based cathodes

Innovating towards a sustainable, North American battery materials supply chain


Batteries are the core platform technology driving electrification, and demand is exponentially increasing

... however, the battery materials supply chain is severely underinvested and underdeveloped


Batteries are critical to
America’s clean energy goals...

The White House has announced a goal for 100% of electricity generation to be carbon pollution-free by 2030, and for 100% of new car sales to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

...but today, non-Western countries control the vast majority of the world’s cobalt and nickel processing capabilities.

Today, China accounts for 62% of all cathode material production and will increase to 81% of upcoming capacity by 2030. All iron-based cathodes are currently produced outside of the United States. An over-reliance on China could become our “Achilles’ heel” to achieving clean energy independence.

We believe iron-based cathodes will emerge as a winner in Western electrification segments because of their:

Supply Chain Resilience
Cost Competitiveness

Mitra Chem is built to shorten the lab-to-production timeline
by >90%.

Mitra Chem combines...

Strong product focus

Accelerated lab-to-production infrastructure

Scale-up and supply chain expertise

We are a dream team at the intersection of battery chemistry, engineering, data-science, automation and manufacturing!

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