Mitra Chem is a Lithium ion battery materials company that shortens lab to market timeline by >90%. No other company combines R&D, machine learning acceleration and manufacturing to supply battery materials to OEM and battery cell customers.

Cathodes represent the largest cost in making battery cells

Mitra Chem’s first core product is industry-accepted iron-based cathodes for mass market EV and energy storage applications.

Mitra Chem’s goal is to industrialize these cathodes in purpose-built USA facilities.

Mitra Chem’s advantage is the way we integrate machine learning throughout our entire operational process.

Mitra Chem's Guiding Principles of Lab-to-Production Accelerated Infrastructure:

End-to-end infrastructure from raw to cathode materials

At high throughput; tens of thousands of variations per year

At relevant scales 1g to 10 kg from lab to pilot

Accelerated R&D learning cycles significantly reducing the cost per R&D variation

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