Mitra Chem announces Jordan Lampert as Vice President of Product Development

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Lampert has Decades of Experience Working with Cathode Materials Including Multiple Technical Leadership Positions at Engelhard and BASF

With New Industry Leader Hire, Mitra Chem Continues the Company’s Push to Revitalize the North American Battery Materials Supply Chain

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mitra Future Technologies Inc. (“Mitra Chem”), a leading innovator in North American production of lithium-ion battery materials, today announced Jordan Lampert as Vice President of Product Development. Lampert joins Mitra Chem bringing 16 years of experience working with cathode materials and 36 years in multiple technical leadership positions at Engelhard and BASF.

While at Engelhard, Lampert launched Cathode Materials and development of NC based cathode for Lithion Yardney (now EaglePicher), USN’s submarine program. From November 2008 through December 2014, Lampert was the group leader in Ludwigshafen for Cathode Materials R&D.

With his years of experience in bringing automotive-grade cathode products to market, Lampert will bolster the push by Mitra Chem to build North American iron-based cathode capacity, thereby enhancing the global production and supply chain of vital battery materials

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of the completion of a $20 million Series A round. The round was led by Social Capital, a leading California investment firm run by Chamath Palihapitiya. Other participants include Richard Tsai, Fontinalis Partners, Integrated Energy Materials and Earthshot Ventures.

“We are excited to welcome Jordan to the team. Our mission is clear: bring iron-based cathodes to market and lead the North American based production and distribution of key battery materials with innovation and efficiency in order to tackle the threat of climate change,” said Mitra Chem CEO and Co-Founder Vivas Kumar. “Jordan brings decades of experience to Mitra Chem that will help us expand our capacity beyond the lab scale, and expertise to continue scaling up these vital technologies.”

“I am thrilled to join the Mitra Chem team at such a critical moment where the supply and distribution of battery product materials is so vital to the fight against climate change. Mitra Chem has a vision for the future and the ability to execute a fundamental shift in the global supply chain that will power the massive expansion in electrification we are seeing across an array of sectors. I look forward to the work ahead,” Jordan Lampert said.

About Mitra Chem

Lithium-ion batteries are the key platform technology enabling electrification in transportation, consumer electronics, along with residential, commercial, and grid-scale energy storage. Mitra Chem is building the first North American lithium-ion battery materials product company that shortens the lab-to-production timeline by over 90%. Mitra Chem’s first core product category is iron-based cathodes for Western battery applications. Iron-based cathodes shift away from the use of elements such as nickel and cobalt, which are facing imminent supply crunches. The North American market is facing imminent threats of supply shortages without localization and reshoring efforts. Mitra Chem takes cathode products from lab to industrial scale faster than the competition by leveraging an in-house machine learning technology advantage to dramatically shorten the R&D timeline. Mitra Chem’s goal is to transform the cathode from a specialty chemical to a platform technology that differentiates cell performance by end application.


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